13 Popular Coloured Hair Ideas For Women: Redefine Your Style

Are you one of those divas who like to experiment with their hair? Are you looking for some vibrant and trendy coloured hair ideas for women? Then you have come to the right place!

Who wouldn’t want to capture every gaze effortlessly as they stroll by? Whether you flaunt your classy bob or flirty waves - hair is a part of your body that defines your aesthetics. From neutral hues to popping colours, we have an extensive range of coloured hair ideas for you in this guide. Read along if you are ready to slay!

13 Coloured Hair Ideas For Women That You Must Try

The colours and styles we choose for our hair define our taste. Now, you may love popping colours that set the mood apart or pastel shades, but every choice you make reflects your journey. In this blog, we will explore 13 trending coloured hair ideas for women with inspirations and insights to help you make the perfect choice for your next hairstyle.

1.   Radiant Rose Gold Waves

Imagine having beautiful rose gold waves rolling down your shoulder, further elevating your elegance. Sounds tempting, right? The smooth blend of pink and gold tones illuminates your waves, making it one of the most trending coloured hair ideas for women.

2.   Electric Blue Bob

Next, we have the electric blue bob that sets your style bar high. The bob cut itself is a classy choice, and adding an electric blue hue to it will give you a bold and edgy look. This classy hair idea is enough to turn heads wherever you go.

3.   Pastel Lilac Pixie Cut

Pastel is the new vibe. If you want to try the soft girl look, but with a fusion, you can definitely go for this coloured hair idea. The purple shade will give you a playful vibe and elevate your feminine side.

4.   Fiery Red Balayage

When it comes to balayage, why not experiment with some vibrant colours that command attention? If we are talking about popping colours, then we must consider the fiery red colour that gives you a bold and fierce look. The best part about this balayage hairstyle is it blends with your natural hair colour perfectly and creates a flame-like effect.

5.   Mermaid-Inspired Teal Ombre

Explore your inner mermaid with the teal ombre. The mixture of blue and green creates an ocean vibe that draws everyone’s attention. Additionally, this hairstyle is one of the most trending Pinterest-inspired coloured hair ideas that uncover your uniqueness.

6.   Honey Blonde Highlights On Brunette Hair

If you have brunette hair, you should definitely go for this honey-blond highlight. It will add a sunny glow to your hair, and you can also try it with hair extensions. This coloured hair idea will illuminate your charm and add a solid statement to your hairstyle.

7.   Lavender Braided Crown

Lavender braided crown is considered one of the best colourful braiding hair ideas. When the beauty of braids blends with the charm of lavender, it creates magic. If you want to enchant everyone with your hairstyle, then you should definitely go for this coloured hair idea.

8.   Smoky Grey Long Layers

If you are a fan of long layers, then this one's for you. The smoky grey long layers will give you a mysterious charm. It is one of the most elegant coloured hair ideas that gives you a classy look. No matter how long your hair is, this hairstyle will always add a timeless charm and chic vibe to your look.

9.   Cherry Blossom Pink Ponytail

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms, right? However, what if you could carry the cherry blossom vibe to your hair? This hairstyle injects a dose of sweetness into your ponytail. The shade of pink adds a touch of sophistication. You can also try this hairstyle with straight hair extensions.

10. Caramel Swirl Curls

If you want to infuse the richness of caramel in your hairstyle, then you can go for caramel swirl curls. The perfect blend of light and dark tones creates a swirl-like effect that adds texture and depth to your curls.

11.  Neon Green Undercut

If you are a daring soul and always like to go against the flow, then this hairstyle is just what you need. The neon green undercut is an emerging hairstyle that radiates an emo vibe. This electrifying colour will add boldness to your undercut.

12.  Silver Lavender Half-Up Half-Down

The half-up half-down style is popular among the trending coloured hair ideas for women. You can try this hairstyle with different colours, but the combination that stands out the most is the blend of silver lavender. This one will give you an elegant yet soft look.

13.  Rainbow Fishtail Braid

Why settle for one colour when you can enjoy a variety of them all? This hairstyle is trending among the best colourful braiding hair ideas. The rainbow fishtail braid is a playful choice that gives you a sweet and lively look.


There you go - you are now aware of the 13 different coloured hair ideas for women to transform your look. We hope this guide helps you draw inspiration from the most trending hairstyles right now. Pick one that goes with your hair type and keep slaying like the queen you are!

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