The best colour in the world is the colour that looks best on YOU!

Welcome to Slayology!

A world where the best colour in the universe is the colour which looks best on YOU!

Slayology is a UK based company bringing a splash of colour to the streets. In recent years, coloured hair has become even more popular. From coloured hair dyes, to coloured wigs and now coloured braiding hair. From bold bright reds to soft subtle browns, colour is here to stay.

Slayology believes colour allows a person to express themselves, showcases a persons style and compliments a person personality. Slayology is all here for it. It is important to us that you are heard, seen and most importantly your hair reflects YOU!

Colour is often seen as unprofessional and occasionally cheap, but not any more. Slayology is here to change the game with high shine, great lustre, rich colour and perfect application, making every creation look lavish. We’ve got the formula. Slayology is here to meet that demand and make it easier than EVER to achieve that colourful, vibrant, sexy look. Come SLAY with SLAYOLOGY.

Slayology presents “Spill n Splash” braiding hair.

This unique hair is 100% premium quality. Through our extensive research, we are able to provide you with the best braiding hair that money can buy.  For natural looking, yaki textured yet super soft and vibrant hair, look no further! Our hair has gone through a thorough evaluation process so you can rest assured that it is both hot water and low-heat temperature friendly.

“Spill n Splash” caters to all and stocks a wide variety of beautiful colours, available in two different lengths, to suit your preference! Spill n Splash braids are easy to install and will keep you looking effortlessly fabulous.