Trending Coloured Hair Ideas For Women: Your Ultimate Style Guide

Do you have coloured hair or are you considering getting hair extensions? In today’s dynamic world of fashion, coloured braided hair can easily help you stand out from the crowd. Wondering which braided hairstyle or extension to choose? With so many attractive braiding options based on your hair length, it can get a bit confusing. We understand and are here to help!

Here, we will showcase the top five coloured hair ideas for women with extensions trending in the fashion industry. Read along if you want to turn heads and steal the show!

Popular Coloured Hair Ideas For Women

Coloured braided hair is not new to the style game, but it is all the rage across the world these days. Many hair experts and stylists recommend hair extensions instead of colouring your hair to avoid potential damage.

For your inspiration, here are some of the top trending coloured hair ideas for women. -

1.   Box Braids

If you are a braid lover, then you can illuminate your hairstyle with box braids. This hairstyle is a little tricky but will definitely give you a great look. It starts with parting your hair into small square parts. Then part your hair to create small, medium and large boxes according to your length and width.

After creating the box, divide your hair into three even subsections and make a braid of it. These braids are different from cornrows. These braids are not tied from the scalp, therefore leaving it undamaged. Box braids can be a little time-consuming but this hairstyle lasts for months.

2.   Knotless Braids

Similar in appearance to the classic three-strand box braids, knotless braids are another fantastic option to consider. Offering a wide variety of lengths and sizes, knotless braids don’t have the little knot, beginning at the root of a typical box braid. The function of this knot is to secure the braided hair.

In this case, a feed-in technique secures the hairstyle and produces knotless braids. With the gradual addition of a small amount of braided hair, your braided hairstyle achieves a flatter appearance. This way, your braids feel lighter on your scalp, significantly lowering the chances of hair breakage.

3.   Twists

Are you tired of box braids and want to try something new? Twists are another beautiful option that is trending right now. Start with parting your hair. Now, take two strands and twist them around each other from the roots to the tips.

This hairstyle is also known as two-strand twists. You can also try this hairstyle with a hair extension. This hairstyle will also compliment your hair colour! With extremely light twists it produces very little to no pressure on your scalp and hair. There are a few twisted hairstyles you can try including the Havana twist, Marley twist, Twisted top knot, Passion twist, Curly twist and more.

4.   Feed In Braids

This next one is trending as we speak. Feed-in braids are one of the most popular coloured hair ideas for women. It looks a little like a thick cornrow but looks even better. You can do it by yourself or can take the help of a professional. Style your feed braids extension of any colour from the end of your natural hair, and secure it properly at the end of your hairline.

Like twists, this one is also sustainable. It also protects your hair from damage. Apply gel to make it look ultra-sleek and elevate your look. Stylist tip: “This style will look ravishing if you decorate it with gold cuffs. Perfect for going out!”.

5.   Cornrows

Cornrows are another fashionable option for you to consider. In this eye-catching style, the braiding’s are done quite near to the scalp compared to the others on this list. These braiding’s are in a constant, elevated row with an underhand, upward motion.

While basic straight lines are common in this hairdo, you can also switch things up by introducing curved or geometric shapes. Additionally, hair extensions can help enhance this stunning hairstyle with their extra length. With hair cuffs, beads and cowry shells as occasional embellishments, cornrows are worn by women and men alike in today’s world of fashion.


Although fashion is beyond time and trends, these five hairstyles are the top trending coloured hair ideas for women that can elevate your fashion game. However, you can explore and create more hairstyles with your creativity and imagination. Don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from these popular hairstyle ideas and stay one step ahead of the fashion game.

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