Top 12 Box Braided Hair With Colour For Every Occasion


What strikes you when you see braided hair with colour? Do you wish for the same streaks on your head? What if we tell you your wish can be fulfilled? 

You have probably worn braids many times before. Given that, you might be looking for a new appearance. Adding trendy colours is one way to update your regular hairstyle and jazz up your braids. 

There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from, and we have found 12 pretty braided hair with colours to help you get started. At Slayology, we have something for everyone, from rainbow colours to statement-making shades and beautiful ombre. Let’s jump right into the list!

1# Rainbow Braided Hair - Skittles

If you want to make a fabulous statement with your hair, try our special edition Skittles braids. These box braids have different bright colours, from blue to yellow and green to purple. This is a gorgeous way to show off your personality and style. Rainbow braids are also perfect for the summer season.

2# Light Copper Colour Braided Hair

Copper tones are undeniably fantastic choices for braids, and it's easy to understand why they're so popular! Box braids fashioned in a great light copper hue are nothing less than eye candy. This splendid shade of copper has bestowed a popular and stylish transformation upon the classic box braids. Hair colours as fantastic as these are sure to complement everyone's style.

3# Purple To Pink Ombre

Looking for a bold hairstyle idea? Here, we have braids with a beautiful purple-to-pink ombre. The top of the braids is dark, then turns purple and finally, transforms into a marvellous shade of pink at the ends. Hair like this is bold and will undoubtedly get you noticed! You can recreate the pink and purple ombre or opt for two other marvellous colours. 

4# Try Burgundy Braided Hair With Colour

If you are looking for a gorgeous new hair colour that is not too flashy or dramatic, then burgundy brown might be the one for you. This beautiful brown shade will give your hair a natural and elegant look. Burgundy brown is a great way to refresh your style without going too far from your original colour.

 5# Bright Blue Braided Hair

Blue is a stunning colour choice for box braids that will make you look amazing. These braids have a dark blue shade that is bold and stylish. You can spice up any braided style with such a statement colour. You can also opt for a lighter blue for a softer look.

 6# Bright Red Braids

 Red is bold, yet everyone can slay with this colour. There are so many different shades of red that can be used on the hair. Slayology will help you find the perfect shade of red that suits your appearance so you can wear it confidently.

7# Ombre Blonde Braided Hair With Colour

One of the most popular and timeless hair trends is ombre. This is where the hair colour changes gradually from dark to light. For a chic and stunning look, you can try blonde ombre braids. The braids will start with a natural black shade, then become a beautiful blonde.

 8# Big Pink Braids

Looking for trendy braided hair with colour? This shade of pink might be just what you are looking for! The colours stand out a lot more because of how chunky the braids are. For a more casual look, you can have this colour faded. Pick a vibrant pink colour for your entire hair length to make a bold statement.

9# Blue Goddess Braided Hair With Colour 

This is a very creative multitone braid colour idea. The entire hair can be blue but use 2-3 shades or tones of blue with changes in the braid patterns. If you are imagining the look, you must have understood by now why we call them the Goddess braids. You can rock this hair on any occasion, and it looks just perfect for both the summer and the autumn.

10# Red Copper Braids

If you are a fan of copper colours, here’s one braided hair with colour idea for you! Let’s try a reddish copper tone on your braids. The look will be stunning and glam. Red is always a bold colour, but the shine a copper touch adds will be everything you need to create your own fashion statement! 

11# Silver Braided Hair

If saying yes to copper is good, why would silver be a bad idea? Silver is very different from grey hair and will look great if you keep an ombre effect. Especially if you have black or super dark-coloured natural hair. We love this hair colour idea and it would easily suit any braid length. 

12# Green Braided Hair With Colour 

When we are experimenting with everything, why leave green behind? You see, green is a colour that can make or break the statement, so you have to be cautious of the shade you choose to flaunt. Not every shade of green will look good, but our collection has just the perfect shades of green to accentuate dark hair colours well. 

Get The Best Braided Hair With Colour From Slayology!

At Slayology, we are passionate about bringing colour to life. Coloured hair is more than just a trend, it's a way of expressing yourself. Whether you want to rock a fiery red or a soft brown, we have something for everyone. Colour makes us unique, and we want to share that with you. 

We believe that colour can be professional and classy, not just cheap and tacky. That's why we use high-quality products that give your hair a glossy, vibrant, and rich look. We don't settle for anything less than luxurious and pristine. We want to brighten up your look and make you feel fabulous. 

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